Privacy Policy

E-mail Addresses

Email addresses from emails sent to us or provided by our customers at the time of placing an order are retained by us. Primarily, these email addresses are for the purposes of confirming a customer's order or status of such orders or in response to any enquiries received from the sender. We do not share this information.

Visitor-Keyed Information

We retain information provided by visitors to our site and transaction information such as customers' purchases, amounts and types of products purchased and other information relevant to such purchases. All purchasers will be automatically logged as registered users. Seascape registered users may deregister or correct any inaccuracy at any time by quoting their unique password.

Visitors to the site who give us their telephone numbers online will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding orders they have placed online.

All registered members will receive information by the method elected on the registration form and will be automatically included in any promotions, competitions and receive our special seasonal gifts.

We use industry-standard encryption technologies to ensure the security of customer data when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server. All other data transfer is conducted through a secure phone line.


We would only disclose your information if required by law, court order or in circumstances where it is judged to be in good faith belief that disclosure is otherwise advisable.

By using Seascape website, you consent to allow all the above uses of your data.